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A.G. Lafley

Former Chairman, CEO, and President of Procter & Gamble

“The consumer is boss” A.G. Lafley

One of the most celebrated management leaders of the past decade, A.G. Lafley is Procter & Gamble’s former chairman of the board, CEO, and president, serving from 2000–2010. Lafley led a turnaround at P&G that continues to astound competitors and business observers. During his tenure, sales doubled, profits quadrupled, P&G’s market value increased by more than $100 billion dollars, and its portfolio of billion-dollar brands – like Tide, Pampers, Olay, and Gillette – grew from 10 to 24. Consistently praised for his wise, focused, and progressive leadership, Lafley urged P&G to focus on consumer-driven innovation and consistent, reliable, sustainable growth. He broke decision-making into steps and showed keen judgment with moves like the acquisition of Gillette. Lafley was also named to President Obama’s advisory council on jobs and competitiveness.
A.G. Lafley’s presentations are an unprecedented look into the mind behind one of the largest, and most successful, corporations in the world. He helps audiences understand the challenge of achieving sustainable growth – the type of growth that can only be achieved through innovation and by setting and creating goals, strategies, structures, systems, leadership, culture, purpose, and values to support it. A talented and lively lecturer and exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Lafley is perfect for groups of top management teams, global leadership executives, and high-potential leaders who can meaningfully impact the future course of their companies and industries. He is known for his open dialogues during presentations and great for audiences who want more than a canned keynote. Lafley’s areas of expertise include industry and company transformations, business strategy, business models, branding, innovation, and leadership.


The Consumer is Boss: Leadership at Procter and Gamble. During A.G. Lafley’s tenure as CEO and chairman of Procter and Gamble, sales doubled, profits quadrupled, and P&G’s market value increased by more than $100 billion dollars. How did he lead such a dramatic transformation? By focusing the company on core businesses and brands and winning in developing markets, making P&G a more consumer-driven and externally focused company, and shaping a more diverse, open, and collaborative culture in which innovation is the primary driver of business and financial growth.
A.G. Lafley reveals the secrets behind company transformation, business strategy and business models, branding, innovation, and leadership in a candid presentation ideal for groups looking for something beyond a canned keynote.

Seven Drivers of Sustainable Growth. Leadership. Purpose and Values. Culture. Goals. Strategies. Structure. Systems. These are the core drivers of AG Lafley’s phenomenal success at Procter and Gamble, and they could be the game changers for your organization. Using case studies and personal stories, Lafley reveals how these seven drivers of sustainable growth led a dramatic corporate turn-around and made him into one of the most celebrated CEO’s in U.S. history.

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