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Andrew Scott

Bestselling author of The 100 Year Life, Chairman of The Longevity Forum and Professor of Economics, London Business School


Andrew is the best-selling author of The 100 Year Life and Professor of Economics, London Business School and Chair of The Longevity Forum. His work focuses on major trends that shape the world around us, both for corporates and individuals.

His book The 100 Year Life is a global best seller and has helped shift the agenda around ageing. Recognising that people are living longer requires major changes to how we structure life. Too often longer lives are seen purely about an ageing society but in reality it means inventing a new life course with new stages and new behaviours.

The life that was designed to work for 70 years cannot be stretched to accommodate 100 year lifespans. Already governments are struggling with the consequences but so increasingly are firms. Adapting to longer life spans requires major changes to how we think about education, careers and financial services.

How firms and individuals adapt to longer life spans will be of ever growing importance in the years ahead as Japan ages and its population shrinks. Too often the ageing society is seen as a negative but with people living for longer and healthier for longer it also offers great potential if we can adapt.

With the whole world also ageing it also offer substantial corporate rewards. The firms and governments who best adapt to longer lives will be the provider of products for one of the largest and fastest growing markets.



 The 100 Year Life


  • What individuals need to do to make the most of longer lives
  • The implications for careers and education
  • How corporates and governments need to respond
  • How the financial sector should deal with a 100 Year Life
  • How firms can reap a longevity dividend
  • The economic implications of ageing


Global Trends

  • How technology and longevity are changing the world
  • How AI and robotics will reshape work and careers
  • Personal and Corporate Frameworks to Adapt to a Changing world




  • Professor, Economics, London Business School
  • Chairman, The Longevity Forum
  • Fellow, All Souls Oxford University
  • Academic Advisory Board Member, UK Office for Budget Responsibility
  • Former Director and Chair of Risk, Financial Services Authority
  • MA, MSc, DPhil




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