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Dagur Sigurdsson

Head coach for the Japanese national team

Born in 1973 in Reykjavik, Iceland, Dagur Sigurdsson grew up in an athletic
family. He was successful as a footballer and played in the Icelandic U17 team,
but finally decided on a career as handball player. As world-class handball
player he made 215 internationals for Iceland and was EC-fourth with the
Icelandic National Team in 2002.

Top Coach
Sigurdsson won the Icelandic Championships five times and participated
successfully in several European and World Championships as well as at the
Olympic Games of 2004. During his active career he started coaching at
Wakunaga Hiroshima and A1 Bregenz. From 2008 to 2010 he coached the
Austrian national handball team and led them to an excellent ninth place at
their home European Championship of 2010. His biggest successes were
winning the German Cup in 2014 and the European cup in 2015 with the
German club Füchse Berlin. In 2016 Sigurdsson crowned himself by winning the European championship with
the German national team. As a reward for his unbelievable success and his hard work, Dagur Sigurdsson was
awarded as „world coach“ in 2016. A few months later he led the German team to win a bronze medal at the
Olympics 2016. At the beginning of 2017 Dagur Sigurdsson started his next challenge by becoming the new
Japanese national team coach.

Role model Sigurdsson has received several awards for his outstanding sporting achievements: “Coach of the
season 2011” (Germany) and “World Coach of the Year 2016” of the IHF. German Chancellor Angela Merkel
has honored the team for their European gold medal in Berlin. Merkel especially praised Sigurdsson who
achieved much through his special kind of motivation.

Businessman and Speaker

Meticulousness, creativity and tranquillity are important pillars of his success – even beyond the sport
In addition to his successful career as a player and coach, Sigurdsson is a successful entrepreneur. He is best
known as co-founder and operator of the Kex Hostel in Reykjavik. Furthermore he is entrepreneurially active
in gastronomy, car industry and the IT-business. In his role as sport keynote speaker, Sigurdsson creates a
unique look on topics like leadership, teambuilding and motivation.

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Bookable lectures

Dagur Sigurdssons – formula talent + practice x attitude
It is all about Team and attitude. Learn how to increase your team performance in a sustainable way.

Adaption or Substitution – f rom individualists to team players
Sigurdsson referring about his way to encourage individual talent and develop the team at the same time.

Young and W ild – leadership of Generation Y
Dagur Sigurdsson proved that he is able to handle young and inexperienced players and bring them to the next
level. Learn how to lead the generation Y and how to bring them on the right way to achieve the goals you set.

In a nutshell – Content is King
Hear how to put your information into the right form and learn why short and clear statements are more
effective than long speeches.

Planning is good but the implementation is crucial – achieving goals
A plan can be as good as you want but more important is implementation. Sigurdsson will teach you how to set
and achieve your goals.

(new) From Europe to Asia (new)
For a European, Dagur Sigurdsson is highly regarded in Asia. Getting in touch with the most important facts for
successful leadership in Asia. In his unique way Dagur Sigurdsson will impart you the most important behaviours
and reveal the best recipe for success.

Dagur hold speeches for companies like Telekom, McKinsey, E.ON, Barclaycard, Allianz, Thyssenkrupp, Daimler,
Arvato, Uniper and many more.



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