Tadao Ando
Yukio Hatoyama
Hiroshi Ishiguro
Shuji Nakamura
Heizo Takenaka


2023.12.18 Ed Catmull spoke virtually !!

2023.11.16 Hiroshi Sasaki speaks at an event in Tokyo !!

2023.10.20 Mustafa Suleyman confirmed to speak !!

2023.10.18 David Aaker accepted virtual speaking engagement !!

2023.10.03 Charles O’Reilly confirms to speak !!

2023.07.20 Hideki Matsui confirms to speak in NY for JTA

2023.06.12 Bill Emmott will come to Tokyo this July!

2023.06.12 YouTube Founder, Steve Chen will come to Japan this September!

2023.06.12 Adam Cheyer accepted virtual speaking engagement this July!

2023.06.12 Randi Zuckerberg speaks virtually this July!

2023.05.02 Chris Miller confirmed to speak this June!

2023.05.02 Andrew Binns confirmed to speak virtually!

2023.01.27 Former British PM Liz Truss will come to Japan this February!

2023.01.20 Dr. Jacques Attali will come to Japan this April!

2023.01.18 Ken kutaragi speaks in Tokyo!

2023.01.01 Dr. Markus Gabriel will come to Japan this May!

2022.12.15 Randi Zuckerberg confirmed to be interviewed in NY!

2022.12.10 Silvia Garcia interviewed in Paris!

2022.12.01 Philip Kotler confirmed to speak virtually!

2022.11.22 Micheal Tushman confirmed to speak virtually!

2022.10.01 Cathy Hackl confirmed to speak!

2021.10.11 “War for Talents” in Japan after COVID-19; Parag Kanna

2021.09.06 Dr. Niall Ferguson and Prof. Sebastian Thurn will come to Japan!!

2019.10.20 Dr. Niall Ferguson will come to Japan!!

2019.10.18 Prof. Sebastian Thrun will come to Japan!!

2019.08.28 Game Changer of American Real Estate, Spencer Rascoff will come to Japan!

2019.08.21 Jim Rogers, One of the World Top 3 Investors confirmed to visit Japan!

2018.07.30 Steve Wozniak confirmed to visit Japan!!

2018.06.28 Prof. Chan Kim confirms to visit Tokyo!!

2018.02.07 Michael Froman, President Obama’s principal advisor and spokesperson on international trade in Japan!

2017.11.16 Author of “The future of employement”, Oxford Professor will come to Tokyo!!

2017.11.16 Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple visits Tokyo 1-3 December, 2017

2017.11.16 Biz Stone and Jimmy Wales confirmed to speak in Tokyo!!!

2017.07.04 President Obama will visit Seoul on July 3-4th.

2017.05.30 Dr. Nouriel Roubini has confirmed to come to Japan this November!!!

2017.03.13 Author of “The future of employement”, Oxford Professor will come to Tokyo!!

2017.02.22 Best seller author, Parag Khanna will come to Japan this April

2016.07.06 Our Website has been launched


■Davos Annual Meeting 2010
- What Is the "New Normal" for Global Growth?

■Learn the business secrets of Richard Branson



Tadao Ando

World Renowned Architect


Masahiro Hara

Father of QR Code, Chief engineer at Denso Wave.

Thought Leaders Ranking

- Thinkers50

- The 2022 TIME 100

- Top 100 Global Thinkers 2019 (Foreign Policy)

- Most Admired CEOs in US (Inc.)


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