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Jacques Attali

French economist and prolific writer who has played a key role as a Presidential advisor.

In 2007 French President Nicolas Sarkozy appointed Jacques Attali to Head the Commission to promote Growth in the French Economy.

A former special adviser to François Mitterand (1981-1990), and first President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1991-1993), Jacques Attali is now chairman of A&A, an international consulting firm based in Paris, and Founder and President of PlaNet Finance, an international non-profit organisation using the Internet against poverty focusing on structuring the microfinance sector.

Jacques Attali is a man of action and reflection. An economic theorist with degrees from the elite French “grandes écoles,”. He has taught economics at several leading French universities.

He is the author of over thirty books on topics ranging from mathematical economy to music to novels, songs, short stories and theatre plays, translated into more than twenty languages. His main work in economics and sociology has been on the main trends in human history and their use to forecast the future. He did that for music, measure of time, medicine, property and other dimensions of human activities.

In his book “Millenium, published in 1990, Jacques Attali created the concept of “nomad society” to characterise the nature of future civilisation. This theory of “nomadism” was not only a spark for the creation of the Java programming language by Bill Joy and John Gage at Sun Microsystems, but also for the titanium-clad Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain, designed by architect Frank Gehry.

In 1984 Jacques Attali created “Eureka,” the main European program on new technologies, and in 1989 he launched an international action program against massive floods in Bangladesh.

He founded PlaNet Finance in 1998, and is also currently Chairman of an investment bank and private equity vehicle specialising in the development of European IT start-ups, from software to genomics.


  • Economics
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