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Keiji Takao

Father of Mobile Phone President,
Natural Wind K.K.

Keiji Takao is the developer of J-Phone Co.’s “Sha-mail” service that made shooting and swapping photos via handsets in Japan.

Based on the request of Tokyo Digital phone, Keiji was temporary transferred from Mazda Motors in 1992 to launch mobile phone business there. He contributed to make a lot of new business ideas which are now recognized as a de facto standard, including battery level pictogram, received mail envelopment pictogram and short message services called “Skywalker”. Keiji moved to Tokyo Digital Phone as a formal employee in 1996 based on the strong request of the company.

He led to develop “Sha-mail” services that put photo camera to mobile phone for the first time, which made shooting and swapping photos easily. This business idea was inspired by new trends which was led by high school girls at that time.

His first mobile phone, J-SH04 was stocked at The Japan National Science Museum as a Future Technology Heritage in 2014.
Keiji himself was selected as a Legacy for contributing to creating photo transfer culture at Japan Camera Museum in 2016.

His achievement is featured by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Loss Angels Times and many other global media for his great contributions on Mobile phone.

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